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Key Benefits of item-level serialization

The unitary product serialization (marking an unique code on each product) is an industrial revolution in progress. Allowing identification of each product unit, serialization opens the door to new services for brands and their consumers. It is a powerful tool to fight counterfeiting and parallel markets and also helps Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries to comply and facilitate with current and future regulations.

Fight against parallel markets by controlling the supply chain

Serialization makes each product unique through a code printed or engraved at the time of manufacture. This code tracks the entire life cycle of the product from manufacture to end consumer, tracing his journey along the supply chain.

For the brand, serialization provides in real time a precise overview of production volumes and allows access to the identification data of each product. This severely limits the “pirate” productions that flood parallel markets with authentic products but whose sale is not authorized by brands.

Serialization allows a precise product traceability

Serialization allows a precise product traceability

At the level of the supply chain, the unitary product identification improves control of flows and destination markets and also facilitates reverse logistics in case of product recall. Stock management and inventory is simplified with the transparency provided on the course of products. Visibility and transparency of the supply chain allow quick identification of diversion cases and counterfeit products introduced into the supply circuit.

Reassure consumers thanks to traceability

The uniqueness provided by the serialization allows product identification by the consumer and ensures that the product is a known product of the brand. The availability of a product control tool for the final customer (a smartphone app’) is a reassuring element for the consumer who sees a brand commitment to transparency. The brand can thus give access to specific information to the final consumer such as product traceability, expiration date / end of life, information in a crisis (reminder), allergens, etc.

The unitary traceability throughout the product life cycle brings a new level of product quality to brands.

A new dimension for Brand Marketing: Big Data

The unique code carried by the product is a new communication tool for brands to get directly “in touch” with the final consumer. With the visibility provided on the supply chain, the location of products on the market is simplified and enables brands to implement a one-to-one communication content (brand – customer).

The unique code brings extensive brand experience to the consumer

The unique code brings extensive brand experience to the consumer

Mobile Marketing campaigns can be more easily targeted (by product, region and point of sale) and geo-tagged in order to measure the Return of Investment and efficiency. These campaigns are a growth vector for customer loyalty and also a tool to assess the effectiveness of in-store sales.

For the brand, the consumer interaction opens new perspectives especially regarding the collection of a large volume of field data to improve knowledge of brand markets: analysis and geolocation of product checks, purchasing behavior, consumer product reviews, etc.

Serialization helps complying with industrial regulatory requirements

As mentioned earlier, unitary product serialization brings many benefits to brands and at different levels within the company: Production, Supply Chain, Quality, Marketing, Anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection, etc.

Depending of the industry, serialization of products will help meeting specific regulatory aspects of each market:

Protecting your brand by connecting your products

X’track, developed and proposed by Arjo Solutions, is a software solution for traceability GS1 compliant based on 3 pillars:

  • Serialization: the unitary product identification
  • Traceability: a complete track & trace system and an event repository
  • Consumer interaction and product authentication: code verification and collection of market data

X’track offers two levels of services to meet the different requirements of each industry :

  • Starter : a flexible, plug & play solution incorporating a Cloud platform (SAAS) for a secure ordering of X’track codes and a Web and mobile platform to check the code authenticity.
  • Master : a complete, flexible solution that can be integrated into the entire production line, making it possible to generate secure codes during production, sent directly to your online printing system to mark your products at their manufacturing throughput rate. The solution is combined with a powerful Track & Trace platform, and also incorporates an aggregation module (product-box-pallet combination), a reject management module, as well as an industrial mobile reader to monitor finished products in the Supply Chain. The solution includes a Web and mobile platform for the consumer to query the codes.

X’track is EPCIS compatible and offers standard software interfaces to ERPs, WMS, etc. It is the leading industrial solution for serialization and tracking of products for private companies.

Key benefits of serialization

Key benefits of serialization