Secure serialization thanks to security ink DaTag

To fight against Drug counterfeiting, the European Union (EU) has put in place directive 2011/62/EU with which pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as their supply chain partners will have to comply by early 2019.

The implementation of the unitary identification or also called serialization has become the essential means used by pharmaceutical companies to ensure traceability and monitoring on the medicines supply chain. However, as this unique identifier is visible, counterfeiters have the opportunity to copy them limitless.

Arjo Solutions will present at Pharmapack 2018 in Paris, 07 -08 February, on its stand G37, security inks enabling the authentication of printing codes by implementing a proprietary chemical marker within the ink used for serialization.

Arjo Solutions enables the Pharmaceutical laboratories to authenticate their products via a simple tool giving a clear response “YES/NO” in less than one second.

For more information : Secure your serialization

Datag Ink security

Datag is a security ink that allows authentication of the printing thanks to a handheld reader

Datag Ink security

cartridge HP 45A