Arjo Solutions – International leader in authentication and traceability solutions to combat counterfeiting, parallel markets and illicit trade

Arjo Solutions, security expert, designs and delivers solutions for physical and digital identification, authentication and traceability of products and materials to enable its customers to fight against fraud, counterfeiting and parallel markets. Accompanying governments and private companies for over 15 years, Arjo Solutions is a major player in the protection of brands, securing tax collection and protecting identity documents for governments.

Key Figures

Arjo Solutions key figures
Our position and differentiation on the market are based on several major advantages:

1. A legacy of 200 years of history and experience in security

Arjo Solutions was created in 2000 as part of Arjowiggins Security, a leading manufacturer of security paper for official documents (banknotes, visas, passports, etc.). Arjo Solutions was one of the pioneers in brand protection, by adapting security technologies used for banknotes and applying the associated best practice (combination of different security levels) to protection of products and documents.

2. Our objective is to increase our customer’s earnings and protect their brands.

Our customers suffer from poor image, loss of earnings or margin due to counterfeiting or parallel markets.

Our technological solutions make it possible to solve these problems.

In a business sector where there is a plethora of protection solutions, we never forget this objective, and we devise solutions adapted to our customers’ needs that generate long-term financial advantages.

Our teams are made up of experts in combating counterfeiting and parallel markets in the different industries where we operate, as well as technical experts. This combination enables us to develop realistic and effective solutions, fulfilling our customers’ requirements.

3. Customized innovative solutions thanks to our developer-integrator model.

Our developer-integrator model is unique within the security industry.
We go to great lengths to design and supply innovative products and solutions on the market, developed individually to meet the needs of our customers. By providing our customers with a unique protection solution, we make life even more complicated for the most experienced counterfeiters, and reinforce the effectiveness of our solutions.

Amongst other things, we have developed our own authentication and traceability solutions, such as Signoptic™. According to customer needs, we can combine our own solutions with additional security elements developed in collaboration with our partners..

Our technological experience and our R&D teams enable us to keep a step ahead, and offer our customers ever more innovative solutions.

4. We deliver complete turnkey solutions.

We offer a very wide range of products, enabling authentication not only of products but also of their packaging, which may or may not require addition of security elements. We combine our product authentication solutions with our serialization / Track&Trace offering. This puts us in a position to supply the most comprehensive security solutions on the market, protecting the product from manufacture to the final consumer.

Finally, Quality and Safety are at the heart of all our processes, and we have obtained ISO 9001 certification, the international quality standard.

Our teams and sites

Arjo Solutions is based in France (Paris (75) and Le Bourget du Lac (73)) and has commercial representatives in Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and Hong Kong.


Arjo Solutions offices

Our References

Arjo Solutions implements a strict confidentiality policy with its customers, and is therefore unable to disclose their names.

Arjo Solutions’ customers include:

• Several of the 10 largest perfume and cosmetics brands in France and Europe
• Several major international pharmaceutical laboratories
• Global leaders in Chemicals and AgroChemicals
• The most renowned brands in the world of Wines and Spirits
• The biggest French and European brands in automobile spare parts manufacturing