Arjo Solutions proposes DOCS (DOcument Certification by Signoptic®), an end to end solution to provide a comprehensive, cost effective and unitary authentication system for any kind of documents.

Powered by Signoptic® technology, DOCS relies on document surface microstructure to verify its authenticity, like a fingerprint, similar to AFIS solution for human (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). It allows a simple document authentication, without any additional implementation of security features and document design change.

DOCS provides Governments, Certifying bodies and Administrations with a powerful and easy-to-use solution that detects stolen blank documents, highlights any falsifications of genuine documents and detects copies.

DOCS: digital authentication and certification of a document thanks to its biometry

Documentary fraud can impact any kind of documents: identity documents (43% of frauds in France in 2014), documents related to vehicles (26% in France in 2014) administrative documents (31%). This scourge is spreading and growing worryingly around the world, resulting in serious consequences for governments (tax fraud), individuals (identity theft) and national security (terrorism). More than 119,000 people with 2 civili status were reported to the French authorities in 2014, 5% more than in 2013.

To counter this problem, Arjo Solutions launches DOCS: the tamperproof technology that can protect all kind of documents on different types of substrates (paper document, polycarbonate card). Its strength lies in its uniqueness and invisibility.

Implementation of DOCS on your documents

  • 1st Step : Blank or Personalized Document Registration

In order to generate a Signoptic® digital signature, each document needs to be registered using one of our registration systems.

DOCS is adaptable and customer oriented in order to make the technology available in a wide range of document emission process. DOCS registration systems can be integrated either straight on existing equipment at printer site or can also be customized and adapted for registration during personalization steps (decentralized or centralized).

  • 2nd Step : Document Personalization

Variable data are linked to the Signoptic® signature during personalization: owner information, document data, owner picture, biometrics information, etc. These data are captured using the existing personalization software or can be provided by Arjo Solutions.

Verification of document authenticity by Smartphone or Scanner

Document verification is performed either online with a database or offline with an embedded system such as a 2D barcode and can be realized using different readers (mobile or desktop) offering the possibility to:

    • Identify the document
    • Control the authenticity of the document
    • Verify the authenticity of the document variable data
    • Access document traceability information

DOCS is a versatile solution and allows verification of document authenticity even without internet access. In an OFFLINE mode, document authenticity is verified by using a local storage for the signature such as a barcode or a chip.

Field Verification: Smartphone Application SAFE

SAFE is a smartphone application integrating Signoptic® technological bricks. This innovative application is the first tool enabling anyone to verify the authenticity of a document through its material, like a fingerprint.

Desk Verification: DOCS compatible scanners

DOCS desk scanner solution has been developped in partnership with EPSON and is compatible with a range of professionnal EPSON scanners. The solution is also compatible with border control scanners to facilitate ID documents control (scanners models communicated on demand).


• No reproduction nor counterfeiting documents: substrate not authentic

• Identity usurpation highlighting

• Blank stolen identification

• Easy field control

• Digital Authentication certification


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