Taxes on products manufactured locally or imported are an essential source of revenue for the governments. The illicit trade and counterfeiting perpetrated by national and international criminal organizations significantly reduce this income.

In the last decades, smuggling and counterfeits have become increasingly attractive to criminal organizations as legal penalties are less severe for this type of activity than those incurred for trafficking in hard drugs. Therefore, more recent studies indicate a significant increase in losses for states, representing billions of euros each year.

Arjo Solutions offers solutions to better maintain and control the revenues of the states and regulated taxed products like tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Produits Taxables

Tobacco and Alcohol

The tobacco and spirits markets bring several challenges for companies and governments: the capacity to control purchases and prevent counterfeit products entering the market, while collecting in a secure manner the revenue generated by legal consumption of these products. These two markets are highly complex, with an extensive supply chain and many inter-border flows. Because of this complexity it is difficult for governments to collect fiscal revenues, and losses are incurred due to illicit trade.

The challenges for governments on the tobacco and alcohol markets

• Combat counterfeiting
• Combat parallel markets and smuggling
• Comply with European and international traceability regulations
• Secure revenues generated from tax collection

To meet these challenges, Arjo Solutions offers solutions making it possible to instantaneously record manufacturing of products on the production line. The generated data can be instantaneously associated with the manufacturing company’s production data and supplied to the agencies supervising production. A simple verification of the product markings during the various transportation stages makes it possible to guarantee traceability and effectively combat parallel markets and counterfeiting. When the code is verified by the enforcement authorities or the final consumer (by smartphone) the product’s history is revealed: place of manufacture, history of transport events, intended market, etc.

Our solutions for traceability of tobacco and alcohol:


100% Mobile based solution allowing
counterfeiting detection

Security elements


Chemicals markers, security inks
for counterfeiting detection

Coalition Against Illicit Trade CAIT

Arjo Solutions is also a member of CAIT (CAIT : Coalition Against Illicit trade) which aims to develop stronger cooperation between stakeholders, share best practice and discuss practical solutions to resolve issues relating to illicit trade.