Brands are facing a growing problem of parallel markets and illicit trade of their products, which allows resellers to escape regulatory and tax restrictions by selling and / or buying products outside their authorized distribution channel. The diversion of products out of their standard distribution channels is accompanied by the removal of the traceability code of the product, making the brand unable to determine the origin and legality of a product.

Signoptic® technology allows a brand to authenticate and unitarily identify a product even when its traceability code has been removed.

Signoptic® relies on the extraction of a unique digital signature based on the visible hazards of the surface of the product. No need to add any element, the solution is invisible and undetectable: the product is its own security.
This digital signature is linked to the traceability code of the product at the time of its manufacture. Signoptic® allows to find the unique code of the product even if it is no longer visible.

Signoptic® has been used by more than 50 brands to date to secure their distribution channels, representing more than 900 million protected products. The technology is perfectly resistant to any attempt of fraud: chemical attack, physical attack, soaking ….