Arjo Solutions has unique know-how and expertise when it comes to designing and producing customized adhesive security labels. Arjo Solutions has acquired many years of experience in designing and producing security paper (identity documents, banknotes, etc.), and in integrating security features into all types of media. We are the preferred partner for leading brands and for governments to produce customized security labels.

Why labels? 

Labels are one of the preferred means for supporting and integrating all kinds of security features. Labels provide a support that is accessible in terms of implementation and costs. They allow for many shape factors, and also different levels of authenticity verification. For example, with adhesive labels, the possibilities for integrating concealed/invisible security functions on the label surface, in the paper, or even in the adhesive itself, are numerous and extremely varied.


Arjo Solutions offers a comprehensive range of security labels that meet the requirements of various industrial and regulatory environments:

  • Transparent seal labels required in the pharmaceutical industry by European Directive 2011/62/EU. These labels can include perforations designed to tear upon opening, “Tamper Evident” features such as “VOID”, and holographic authentication
  • Ultra destructible paper seal labels combating label reuse on a non-genuine product. The substrates used in our labels are fully compatible with the different printing technologies used in the industry (flexography, offset, rotogravure, inkjet, thermal transfer, intaglio, etc.), meaning that they can be used in many private or government sectors (tax stamps, banderoles, etc.)
  • Secured “Tamper Evident” Substrate (STES) labels combining authentication and tamper-proof functions. Secured “Tamper Evident” Substrate labels self-destruct if anyone attempts to remove them, providing a highly effective evidence of tampering. Security components visible under ultraviolet light can be used to authenticate the label, and therefore the product.

Our approach

When we design and develop our security labels, we construct and customize them to fit the needs of our markets and the requirements of our clients by combining proprietary technologies to create unique, original solutions. Our approach is founded on three pillars:


making available a visible identifier compatible with a secure tracking system delivering traceability from manufacturer to the consumer.


guaranteeing integrity of the product or document, and visually indicating any attempt to break the seal.


making available visual authentication devices (for consumers or experts), and also visible or invisible security devices (level 1, 2, 3) to combat counterfeiting.

On request, Arjo Solutions can further enhance the effectiveness of our security labels by adapting the adhesive used with our substrates to the client’s specific application (cardboard packaging, wine bottles, pharmaceutical pouches, etc.)

Our technologies


STES™ is an ultra-destructible, synthetic substrate that incorporates security components within its layers. The technology, which is used to manufacture security labels, combines authentication and tamper-proof functions. Checking product integrity and authenticity is quick and easy with STES labels.


STES labels self-destruct if anyone attempts to remove them, offering highly effective evidence of tampering. Security components visible under ultraviolet light can be used to authenticate the label, and therefore the product.


• Excellent printing characteristics compatible with all technologies (offset, flexography, rotogravure, intaglio, inkjet and thermal transfer)
• Easy to convert: easily die-cut, can be fed in any direction, compatible with all known traditional adhesives and provides excellent dimensional stability
• Resists water, oil, UV light, chemical products and temperatures of +/-60°C
• ISEGA certification for contact with foodstuffs.



STES™ may be delivered in sheets or rolls. It is:

• Particularly effective in the physical protection of documents, packaging and product
• An ideal solution for meeting government requirements such as tax labels, tax stamps, seals for confidential documents and envelopes (banks, governments, etc.).

Examples of STES

applications include security labels, banderoles and security tape