X’track, serialization, track&trace, consumer authentication, production volume control

X’track: solution for serialization, track and trace and consumer interaction

The X’track solution provided by Arjo Solutions is organized around 3 pillars:

X’track, serialization, track&trace, consumer authentication

1. Serialization:
individual identification of the products

2. Track & Trace: traceability of the products and events reference tool

3. Consumer interaction & authentication: verification of codes and collection of market data

X’track, serialization, track&trace, authentication and control by the consumer

X’track is available in 2 versions:

• X’track Starter : a flexible, plug & play solution incorporating a Cloud platform (SAAS) for secure ordering of X’track codes and a Web and mobile platform so that the consumer can query the codes.

• X’track Master : a complete, flexible solution that can be integrated into the entire production line, making it possible to generate secure codes during production, sent directly to your online printing system to mark your products at their manufacturing throughput rate. The solution is combined with a powerful Track & Trace platform, and also incorporates an aggregation module (product-box-pallet combination), a reject management module, as well as an industrial mobile reader to monitor finished products in the Supply Chain. The solution includes a Web and mobile platform for the consumer to query the codes.

X’track Master is EPCIS compatible and offers standard software interfaces to ERPs, WMS, etc. It is the leading industrial solution for serialization and tracking of products, for the use of brands and governments.

Serialization: X’track codes

To obtain real time information about the progress of a product through its life cycle, it must be marked in a unique and individual manner: this is serialization. Serialization marks products with unique random codes.

• Real time X’track codes

The unique and secure X’track codes are generated in real time, during production, directly on the product manufacturing line. Each code includes data relating to manufacture (date, time, location, etc.) and also data intrinsic to the product that is marked.

X’track codes comply with GS1 standards and can be applied to any type of product, regardless of the production environment, even where throughputs are particularly high (up to 1,000 codes per minute). The codes can be marked using a human-readable code (alphanumeric characters) and/or a machine-readable code (Datamatrix, QR Codes, Dot Code etc.). The marking can also be protected using one of our printing solutions.

X’track, serialization and products coding in real time on the production line

• X’track Codes On Demand

Arjo Solutions also provides a Cloud platform (SAAS) enabling users to order X’track codes securely for lower production volumes, or for decentralized operations. This platform enables manufacturers of products that need to be serialized to order the codes according to manufacturing orders, under control of the brand.

X’track Codes On Demand

Track & Trace : Track and trace movements of your products through your Supply Chain

The X’track Track & Trace platform provides fast powerful reporting tools to track events, locations and movements of products in the Supply Chain. The platform meets the EPCIS standards defined by GS1, which helps to facilitate dialog between the many tools set up in the company such as ERP, WMS, MES.

The platform also comprises an online aggregation module (product-box-pallet combination) to allow detailed traceability of the product, even when it is encapsulated in several levels of packaging. This module benefits from a powerful proprietary algorithm that compresses aggregation data, to limit the impact of Big Data on the company’s internal networks.

The X’track Track & Trace platform, combined with a kit for tracking finished products in the Supply Chain (industrial portable reader), makes it possible to track products from the factory, via the distribution networks, right down to the last point of sale.

X’track, track & trace, traceability of the Supply Chain

Consumer interaction

X’track provides a mobile and Web platform called X’track Control to query the codes accessible not only for the brand inspectors but also for consumers. These 2 interfaces are either generic, or customized using the brand’s colors and logo, and can be integrated into existing websites or applications. They make it possible to type in or scan the code affixed to the product, and instantly deliver the data for product authentication as well as traceability.

X’track, traçabilité des produits, vérification des codes, authentification de produits sur le web

X’track Control creates a real link with the consumer, and gives the brand “One to One” Marketing functionalities in order to communicate about special offers, allow consumers to communicate with the brand and share information on social networks to develop loyalty. In this way X’track Control enables brands to collect relevant market data such as purchasing behaviors or opinions about products.

X’track, authentification de produits sur smartphone par le consommateur