Arjo Solutions offers SAFE (Signoptic® Authentication for Everyone), a proprietary smartphone application based on product or document biometrics to verify its authenticity, like a fingerprint. SAFE uses Signoptic® technology .

SAFE provides Brand consumers the guarantee of the authenticity of the product they are about to buy. This innovation allows educating consumers to buy authentic products and places the consumer at the forefront in the fight against counterfeiting.


Signoptic® and SAFE are an effective solution to fight against counterfeiting, parallel markets and a powerful tool in improving consumer loyalty.

SAFE: verifying the authenticity of a product by the consumer thanks to their smartphone

Smartphone application SAFE - Digital smartphone product authentication

SAFE (Signoptic® Authentication For Everyone) is a smartphone application using product or document biometrics to guarantee its authenticity. Running on the latest generation of Android or Apple® smartphone, SAFE requires no additional accessories or specific devices to the smartphone.

With this innovative application, No additional codes, RFID chip or printing on the product are required to authenticate it – it is its own security.

With SAFE, the brands can now provide their consumers with a powerful and easy to use solution to check product authenticity, allowing in store product control at any place and any time. SAFE will strengthen the bond of trust between brands and consumers.

Verify the authenticity of the product, anywhere, any time

Operating with a wireless connection to access the central database (3G / 4G, WiFi), SAFE is also available in «offline» mode, thanks to the integration of the signature directly on the product, in the form of secure printed visible code or directly embedded in an existing traceability code.

SAFE create a new direct channel of communication with the consumer

SAFE can be connected with our X’Track® consumer platform allowing brands to use this new tool to offer new personalized and contextualized services to their consumers: product information, promotions, traceability information, etc. For the brand, SAFE can collect field information to better target consumer expectations but also to map the illicit market.


• No product design modification

• No printing on the product

• No addition of specific labels nor RFID

• Invisible security, impossible to forge